Scarf, shawl, Pashmina shawl from Cashmere Pashmina Group (Turquoise)

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Unfazed by the scientific age, Pashmina shawls are hand spun the same way it has been done for centuries. The hairs are gathered from the Himalayan goat called Hircus, which lives at high altitudes, 12 to 14000 feet in the mountains. The Pashmina is gathered by hand, stored and combed by nomadic herders. The threads are hand woven on handlooms over a silk wrap, which gives the fabric resilience. Once the fabric is loomed, each piece is hand dyed in open vats. Afterwards it is given to the different craftsmen for hand-embroidery, beading and /or printing. They are very soft and luxurious in feel. These shawls are woven from the best quality of Pashmina Wool and Silk. These shawls can be worn as a wrap or a scarf. The dimensions are 78 inches long and 28 inches wide and each shawl is finished with 2 or 2.5 inches long tassels. The fabric comprises of approximately 70% Pashmina Wool and 30% Silk. The combination of Pashmina wool and Silk makes the fabric versatile and resonating with color. The shawls are hand loomed in Nepal and India and are offered in a wide selection of vibrant colors. We recommend dry cleaning.



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