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100% Cashmere Scarf – Multiple Colors, Gift Boxed, Removable Tag, Large Size, Wear as a Shawl, Wrap, or Cover Up

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Cashmere is a very rare type of wool that is much softer, lighter, and warmer than regular wool. Cashmere comes from a special breed of goats that live at a high altitude and in an extremely cold climate. To stay warm, the goats create a downy undercoat of cashmere to act as a barrier against the cold.Cashmere is a thin layer of inner down, while wool is the thick course outer layer. Because cashmere is on the inside it is not exposed to the elements, dirt, or other contaminates.Cashmere wool is 6x finer than human hair. So it has super insulation properties. The millions of ultra-fine fibers trap pockets of air in between them, which prevents warm air from your body from escaping and stops cold air entering. Because cashmere is so fine it offers superior insulation without weighing a lot.Cashmere is extremely rare. Each goat produces only .3lbs of cashmere per year. It is much harder to obtain, process, and weave than wool, which is why we sell a limited amount of scarfs. Our cashmere is hand combed free range Mongolian cashmere, which is the finest grade of cashmere available. – You will fall in love with the softness – Cashmere is a huge upgrade from wool, cotton, or synthetic scarfs – Superior insulation protects you from the chill of winter – Not bulky, so it is easy to tie and not suffocating – Smooth and soft on both sides – Large size to wear as a wrap, cover up, or shawl – Stylish, luxurious, and very fashionable – Highest GSM and thread count possible – Limited amount of scarfs are available this year – Easily peel off the bar code and tag if you prefer – Perfect gifts for friends, family, colleagues, and yourself – They come in a nice white gift box – Unisex and one size fits all – Highest quality cashmere available – Feels like a soft warm hug



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