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CSA Policy


A Cloudview EcoFarms CSA Share is an assortment of fresh seasonal vegetables provided in a box once a week at a predetermined drop off spot. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA shares help people get fresh, local food and help farms grow and sell food more successfully. CSAs strengthen the local food economy.


Cloudview offers a 20 week Summer CSA and a 5 week Fall CSA. The items in the box are weighed and priced similarly to farmers market or grocery store prices. The share is delivered in a re-usable waxed box that easily flattens and can be returned each week to your drop site. The produce is minimally packaged. We encourage folks to save bags to transfer items to their fridge. Many of the items will be familiar and many will be new. CSAs challenge people to cook with a variety of seasonal ingredients.


Cloudview is certified organic by the WSDA. We are in compliance with the Washington and National Organic Program. We grow with natural fertilizers like compost and manure, cover crop to build soil fertility, and plant insectaries to attract and sustain beneficial insects. While 99 percent of the CSA is from our farm, we sometimes source a naturally grown item from a neighboring farm.

Cloudview strives to provide a diversity of produce in each delivery and throughout the season. We cannot guarantee any one item because occasionally bad weather, unexpected temperatures, or other issues affect the quantity and quality of each crop. In general members get 9 to 15 different items (vegetables, fruit, & herbs) each week. The mix of items changes gradually throughout the season, and is especially abundant in the fall.


Summer Session 2014 – every Wednesday, 20 weeks

First Half:

May 28th (first delivery) to July 30st (tenth delivery)

Second Half:

August 6th (eleventh delivery) to October 8th (twentieth and final delivery of summer session)


Fall Session 2014every Wednesday, 5 weeks


**note – It is possible that not enough people sign up for a particular drop spot / route during the Fall Session. Without enough customers a fall CSA drop site or route may be canceled and money refunded.


Please read the CSA Policy to understand how it works and member’s responsibilities.



CSA members agree to pick up a weekly box of food from their chosen drop spot during the pickup time period and initial on the sign-in sheet. The pick-up time period is the same day the share is dropped off.


If a member cannot pick up the share it is best to make arrangements for a friend or family member to pick up the share, and initial on the sign-in sheet.


The contents of the box are perishable, some require refrigeration. If a member doesn’t pick up the share the day it is dropped , and the share is still at the drop site at the end of the following day, it will be donated to another person, organization, or to the drop site host.



Cloudview uses a web-based software program called Farmigo to manage our CSA. Members create accounts in Farmigo and use these accounts to make CSA payments and order additional items. Farmigo is an immense asset to farms by managing much of the complexity, information, routes, schedules, and orders that go into a successful CSA program.



In Farmigo, CSA Members can set up 1 or 2 payments using these methods:


a) Mail check (our preferred option) to 14054 Rd 11 SW, Royal City, WA 99357

b) E-checks – 2nd best option


E-check charges Cloudview a fee for your transaction. Mailing a check is the best option because all of the money you spend stays with Cloudview.




1 payment – 1 payment day of sign up

2 payments –1 payment upon signing and one by July 30, 2014


In Farmigo you will choose your payment method and pick a payment schedule. You can mail a check to the farm, or schedule e-checks payments.

If you choose to pay in 2 payments through e-check card your payments are scheduled and automated when you sign up. When the date for your 2nd payment arrives your account will be automatically charged.


When you schedule your payments your balance in your Farmigo account will read zero. A zero balance just means you have scheduled your payments. Any payment listed as “pending” has not happened yet. When a payment is overdue or a payment did not go through, your balance will appear negative the amount you owe for just the payment(s) that are late. Members that have not paid their balance prior to delivery dates will not receive their box until payment is secured.


 Members have the option of setting up automated payments through e-check. If a member chooses automated payments, it is the member’s responsibility to monitor payments. Cloudview is not responsible for monitoring customer’s automated payments. Automated payments will happen on the dates listed under “Payment Options” above.



Members may cancel their share for a refund only prior to the first scheduled CSA drop (May 28th) by emailing cloudviewecofarms@gmail.com or calling (509) 398-4624. Refunds are generally not given once the CSA session has started. Please find someone to take over your share if the boxes are not working for you. Cloudview may have to cancel a drop site if there is not enough interest in a location. A full refund will be given to any individual signing up for a cancelled drop site.



Cloudview communicates with its members mainly through email. CSA members are strongly encouraged to open and read emails and payment notices.


We send out a weekly CSA newsletter with recipes, explanations of unfamiliar items, cooking advice, and news from the farm. If your email address changes notify Cloudview at cloudviewecofarms@gmail.com.


We are always happy to talk through our CSA program, so email (cloudviewecofarms@gmail.com) or call us at (509) 398-4624 with questions. Joining a CSA is one of the best ways to support the local food movement and eat fresh, healthy food. Thank you for being a member!