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About Us

Cloudview Ecofarms is a non-profit organization composed of two farms (“Royal” and “Ephrata”) focused on experiential education, community involvement, and ecological farming.  Our work involves providing a variety of produce for the local community through a 75 member CSA, farmers markets, and direct sales (restaurants, institutions, schools). We provide learning opportunities and workshops to the community and work toward improving the farm planning and methods we practice.

We are constantly working towards a more sustainable and ecological farming model. For the 2013 growing season we will be moving toward integrating our animals and cover crops more holistically to create healthier soils and decrease off-farm inputs. In tandem, we are planning to grow more of our own animal feed and reducing our tillage.

The Royal City Farm currently cultivates approximately 16 acres in cover crops, vegetables and field crops. Additionally, we have 24 acres in hay/pasture and about 2 acres of orchard.  All of the Royal Farm produce is certified organic by the WSDA. We have been experimenting with vegetable seed production in the last few years and utilize farm-saved seed for some of our production. Major Cloudview Royal crops are garlic, potatoes, carrots, and mixed vegetables.

We raise a variety of animals on the farm. In the past we have raised cattle, pigs, goats(dairy), chickens(meat and eggs), and several barn cats.  This year we are will add ducks and sheep to the farm livestock.

Last year a sister farm was started in Ephrata, about 30 miles to the east. The Ephrata farm is focused more on youth education/involvement. Also begun last year is the Cloudview Kitchen, located near the Ephrata Farm. The Cloudview Kitchen will be used to process excess produce, showcase value-added products, and host community events and meals.

There are 6-16 people working on the Royal farm at any given time. We have group meals, meetings, special events, and, of course, much work around the gardens and farms.  We also dry, can, and freeze as much as possible, grind grain, grow dry beans and corn, and save many of our own seeds. We welcome diversity, and many different kinds of hard working people live on the farm.  We have a communal ethic around recycling, composting, yard and landscape tending, and animal care.

Contact us if you’re interested in connecting with Cloudview or our produce!

Royal City Farm: info [at] cloudviewecofarms.org
14054 Rd 11 SW
Royal City, WA 99357

Ephrata Farm:cloudviewephrata [at] gmail.com
17305 Frey Rd
Ephrata, WA 98823